Firmware Update: Popcorn Hour A-100 01-17-090204-15-POP-402-000

Syabas Technology released a new firmware for the Popcorn Hour A-100 on Friday. This so-called Networked Media Tank can play audio and video from the optional hard disk. But the device can also be used without a hard disk, because content will then be streamed from a NAS system or a computer. Updating the firmware can be done by extracting the zip file to the root of a USB memory stick and then browsing to the file ‘usbupdate.html’ from the menu. It is not necessary to nmt apps update. Version 01-17-090204-15-POP-402-000 of the firmware should fix the following two issues, but more has changed since the previous entry in the Meuktracker:

Changes in firmware version 01-17-090204-15-POP-402-000:

  • No NMT apps, still previous 00-17-090115-15-POP-402
  • Fixed long playback of some TS file causing system crash
  • Fixed further DTS dropouts in MKV.

Changes in firmware version 01-17-090201-15-POP-402-000:

  • No NMT apps, still previous 00-17-090115-15-POP-402
  • Some critical patches on 00-17-090125-15-POP-402
  • Fixed Video_ts playback over SAMBA, with whitespace in share name, will crash.
  • Turkish code page fix.
  • Remove “Audio */*: ***” message at start of video playback (eg TS).
  • PNG read failure cause crash.
  • Fixed ISO with single subtitle track cannot be display.
  • Internet Radio link added in Web Services.
  • MP3 volume soft after ISO/IFO playback workaround.
  • Workaround DirecTV UPnP crash issue.
  • Image cache issue fixed.

Changes in firmware version 00-17-090115-15-POP-402:

  • Minimum firmware version to use this NMT App is 00-17-090116-15-POP-402
  • Improved on samba client browsing time and server boot up time
  • Fixed occasional slow samba response
  • Upgraded to nzbget 0.51
  • Upgraded to nzbgetweb 1.2 (Categories can be modified in /mnt/syb8634/nzbgetweb/setting.php5)
  • Various Casgle fixes
  • Fixed FTP password saving
  • Improved Setup Page loading time
  • Remove btpd, using Transmission as default BT client
  • Fixed sometimes unable to access casgle web ui
  • Fixed HDD spin up during standby

Version number 01-17-090204-15-POP-402-000
Release status Final
Website Syabas Technology
File size 25.30MB
License type Freeware