Firmware update: OpenWrt 18.06.5

The fifth Service Release of OpenWrt version 18.06 has been released. OpenWrt is alternative open source firmware for one large number various routers and embedded devices. By means of the opkg-package management system there is the possibility to determine yourself what the router can and cannot do. Various people are also actively working on GoT, see this topic. Version 18.06 is the first stable release after the merger of the OpenWrt and Linux Embedded Development Environment projects. This update also brings the following collection of improvements:

Some selected highlights of this service release are:

  • Linux kernel updated from 4.9.184 to 4.9.198 and from 4.14.131 to 4.14.151, including security fixes
  • Security fixes for LuCI, the web interface bundled with OpenWrt, fixing CRSF and XSS bugs
  • Security fixes for the following base packages: musl, hostapd, wolfssl, openssl, iptables, ustream-ssl, libpcap, tcpdump, bzip2
  • Wireless fixes for the brcmfmac driver, fixing crashes and facilitating debug (backported from Linux 5.4)
  • Fix signature verification bug: in rare cases, usign would refuse a valid signature, making it impossible to install packages from an opkg feed. This bug has been fixed in usign, and a workaround has been implemented when generating package indexes, so that devices using an unfixed version of usign don’t encounter this bug
  • Device support fixes for several devices: WNR2200, WPJ531, HiveAP 121, DIR-615 H1

For more details, please see the detailed Changelog.

Version number 18.06.5
Release status Final
Website OpenWrt
License type GPL