Firmware Update: Nvidia Shield TV 8.2.2

Nvidia has new firmware for the Nvidia Shield TVs brought. These media players and consoles are based on Android TV, which can stream games from a computer or GeForce Now, play 4k videos and use various apps. Below are the changes and improvements nVidia has made in version 8.2.2:


  • Adds support for new Xbox Series S/X and Playstation Dual Sense controllers
  • Adds support for Control4 home automation systems
  • Adds option in advanced sound settings to disable volume control notifications

Bug fixes


  • Resolve issue where flashing color band would be visible when viewing video in portrait mode
  • Resolves corruption issue observed at the bottom of the screen when upscaling content to 4K displays


  • Fixes bug where password for sharing folders on SHIELD over network would reset after upgrade
  • Fixes bug where sharing folders on SHIELD over network would not work after upgrade if space is present in username
  • Resolves issue where user could not re-enter Wi-Fi password for low power APs
  • Resolves issue where some USB connected drives would not reconnect on wakeup


  • Resolves issue where holding volume up/down would not be detected by some devices
  • Resolves issue where SHIELD Controller 2017 would not recharge


  • Fixes bug where manually setting Audio output formats was not working correctly
  • Fixes bug where audio from USB DAC would not function properly when switching between PCM and Dolby source
  • Resolves issue where system volume was still being controlled right after IR volume control configured
  • Fixes bug where DD+ surround was unavailable in prime video


  • Restores ability to take screenshots in 4K (requires display set to 4K)

Version number 8.2.2
Release status Final
Website nVidia
License type Freeware