Download Firmware Nvidia Shield TV 8.0.1

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Nvidia launched Android Pie a few weeks ago with new firmware Nvidia Shield TV, but there were still some errors in it. Now an update has been released with version number 8.0.1 that should solve a large number of problems. These media players and consoles are based on Android TV, which can stream games from a computer or GeForce Now, play 4k videos and use various apps. Below is a list of all the issues that have been resolved:


  • Redesigns Volume UI for android P
  • Resolves occasional video playback issues
  • Fixes bug incorrect volume control reporting accessibility feature enabled
  • Resolves navigation sound issue
  • Resolves “Drive address format is not valid” message seen when connecting to NAS
  • Resolves USB DAC issue where audio volume would be set low after reboot/DAC hotplug
  • Resolves issue where side loaded apps appear as system apps


  • “Match content color space” feature now displays correct format
  • Fixes bug where “Match content color space” would not work when display set to RGB
  • Resolves issue playing VC1 content


  • Resolves Sdcard/InternalStorage accessibility issue when adopting storage
  • Resolves issue where storage is reported as full after adopting storage


  • Improves 4K streaming issues when network connected over Wi-Fi
  • Resolves weird Wi-Fi disconnect issue
  • Fixes bug where manual DNS entries would not be saved


  • Improves IR control reliability on some Denon and Sony receivers
  • Improves SHIELD Remote App connection and control issues
  • Resolves SHIELD Controller 2017 OTA stability issues
  • Fixes issue where forgotten SHIELD accessories still appear in SHIELD
  • Resolves automatic centering issues on some controllers
  • Adds support for STRQUA G20 keymapping
  • Resolves mouse issues in PUBG Mobile on SHIELD


  • Fixes Google Play Store crashes issue
  • Restores option to set default launcher

Known Issues

  • YouTube 5.1 PCM audio not available
  • Launcher app Icons appear zoomed/cropped
  • Unable to re-enable location services being disabled
  • TV loses sync HDMI sync to SHIELD during modesets (power on, wake from sleep, refresh/resolution changes)
  • USB DAC passthrough not working in Kodi
  • Weird Netflix stutter issue
  • Disconnect when connecting to SHIELD from PC
  • Failure during 2015 Controller firmware update

Version number 8.0.1
Release status Final
Website nVidia
License type Freeware
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