Firmware update: Nokia N78 13.052

Nokia has released a firmware update for its N78 smartphone. The firmware has the serial number 13.052. The N78 is a compact candy bar with the Symbian S60v3 operating system with Feature Pack 2. The update brings pedestrian navigation as the main function. The update can be done in Nokia Service Centers or via Nokia Software Updater.

New features:

  • Maps 2.0 “Walk to” Pedestration Navigation
      Pedestration navigation plan a walking route and the visual guidance helps navigate you where you want to go. The “breadcrums” trace shows where you have walked, to further aid your orentation.
  • Best-in-class Car Navigation and Traffic
      Improved & faster routing, also with multiple way-points. Improved guidance, including signposts and traffic. Grid menu & specific navigation map mode (wider roads) for ease-of-use.
  • satellite maps
      Entertaining and useful satellite maps shows real aerial phtography of map locations and a “hybrid view” also shows the street names overlaid on the pictures.
  • Multimedia Premium Guides
      Rich media content including photos, video, audio from suppliers like Lonely Planet, Via Michelin, etc.
  • One-box “stations” Map search
      New always-visible one-box search framework with categorized content “stations” offers an intuitive & efficient way to discover content in Nokia Maps. It also adds Navigation capability to the following countries: Argentina, Botswana, Bulgaria, Chile, Lesotho, Namibia, New Zealand, Romania, Swaziland and Venezuela. Maps 2.0 is backwards compatible with Maps 1.2 data. However, to get the full benefit of Maps 2.0 ie. Walk navigation, it requires memory card pre-installed Maps data to be updated.


    • System Error message appears when trying to stream a clip from a busy server
    • Timestamp corruption error in long streaming which leads to ‘Error in receiving live content’
    • VPN not working through WLAN in offline mode
    • Priorities of protected IAPs could not be changed via UI
    • Mail For Exchange did not play tone for every mail received as per S60 3.0 and 3.1 products
    • DM settings were not generated automatically when Email settings are defined in variant


    • Thumbnail displayed does not match actual image if user deletes thumbnail file in memory card private folder


    • UI issues when viewing Youtube videos


    • Playing WMA audio files improved
    • IHF cannot be enabled during call when FMT is on
    • DRM: The ampersand character (‘&’) encoding is not correct

Other changes:

  • Weekly recurring clock alarm always sets for the current weekday regardless of the day chosen
  • Contact Groups are not titled correctly
  • Help text located in settings/general/Navi Wheel
  • Help text for Voice commands
  • Access point generation difficulties after factory reset

Version number 13.052
Release status Final
Website Nokia
License type Freeware