Firmware Update: Netgear ReadyNAS OS 6.10.5

Netgear has released ReadyNAS version 6.10.5. This software runs on the various Netgear NAS devices, such as the Arm processor equipped RN102, RN104, RN202, RN204, RN212, RN214 and RN2120, and the x86 processor equipped RN312, RN314, RN316, RN422, RN424, RN426, RN516, RN524X, RN526X, RN528X, RN626X, RN628X, RN716X, RR2304, RN3130, RN3138, RN3220, RN4220, RR3312, RR4312X, RR4312S and, RR4360S. Information on how to perform the update is on this page to find. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Bug Fixes:

  • ClamAV fails to update database.
  • Replicate keeps running even after the service is disabled.
  • Root partition runs out of space when audit option is enabled for shares.
  • Egnyte APT repository trusted key expires.
  • Readynasd service crashes while parsing authorized replicate keys.

Security Fixes:


  • Devices updated with 6.10.5 firmware should not be downgraded to firmware versions before 6.10.0.
  • ReadyNAS 102, 104, and 2120 systems must not be updated directly to 6.10.x from 6.3.x or older firmware. They must first be updated to either 6.2.5 or 6.3.5 then to 6.5.2 and then to 6.10.x.
  • ReadyNAS 202, 204, 212 and 212 systems must not be updated directly to 6.10.x from 6.3.x. They must first be updated to 6.3.5 then 6.5.2 and then to 6.10.x.

The following downloads are available:
ReadyNAS for Arm
ReadyNAS for Intel

Version number 6.10.5
Release status Final
Website netgear
License type Freeware