Firmware Update: MSI MS-6323

BIOS update for the MSI mainboard MS 6323. Attention: only applicable for revision 1.X of the motherboard. See also the changelog:

1. This is the AWARD® BIOS version 1.1 release.

2. This BIOS fixes the following problems of the previous version:

-Fixed some 686B mainboard can’t boot from HDD or access HDD fail.

-Add support boot from USB CDROM.

-Fix system sometimes hangs in Windows,when ECC function enabled.

-Fixed when using Microsoft Interner Keyboard Pro(USB type), the “Alt Gr” key can’t work under MS-Dos mode.

-Support VIA CyrixIII CPU & Fixed (Ratio x5) Speed ​​show error.

-Fixed NT hang in S3 Resume.

-Fixed STR fail when select AntiVirus Protect Enable.

-Fixed Cann`t detect PS/2 mouse under W2K when Microsoft USB natural keyboard use.

-Fixed SDRAM bank show error.

-Support Winbond W49F002U-12B flash ROM.

3. 2001/01/19

Note:This bios only use on PCB 1.X

Version number 1.1
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux
Website MSIA