Firmware Update: Mede8er MED600X3D / MED800X3D / MED1000X3D 3.0.1

Mede8er has released an update to version 3.0.0 of the firmware for the MED600X3D, MED800X3D and MED1000X3D media players. These devices are equipped with a Realtek 1186 media processor, which means, among other things, that they are suitable for playing 3D material. Version 3.0.0, like version 2.0.0, requires a separate bootloader, instructions for this can be here are being found. New in version 3.0.0 includes a new app for retrieving information about movies and TV series. Also, subtitles can be easily downloaded and there is an HTML5 web browser. Version 3.0.1 mainly contains bug fixes.

Changelog for version 3.0.1:

  • Dev – Subtitle Delete from Gui – In Movie Play open Subtitle screen and focus on the Subtitle you want to Delete and press the ‘Edit’ Button
  • Dev – Support for TV Series ‘Specials’ – Make a new folder called ‘Specials’ on the same level as the Season folders.
  • Fix: TV Series: when the ‘episodeplot’ is empty in the scraped xml file, the plot content will missed.
  • Fix: TV Series: normal background (not series background) was displayed after full screen play.
  • Fix: TV Series: Movie and Music View TV Series Thumbnails not vertically centered.
  • Fix: TV Series: In TV Series press BLUE button to switch to Favorites, then go back to media library, tv series background will continue loaded.
  • Fix: TV Series Edit : year/runtime/rating/genre not editable
  • Fix: TV Series Edit: Slow Navigation when moving Left/Right Nav buttons
  • Fix: xml node ‘MainFolderTitle’ not changing the color of the Top Text
  • Fix: String Table: some Korean & French & German strings
  • Dev: String Table: POLISH string updated.
  • Fix: subtitle: Set ‘Match Audio with OSD’ in Setup Menu – Set GUI Language to Korean – By default the Korean Subtitles do not show.
  • Fix: Subtitle: set GUI Language to CROATIAN, default CROATIAN subtitle doesn’t show.
  • Fix: Subtitle Search – GUI Language Set to English USA – Subtitle Search and X3D crashes.
  • Fix: Subtitle Search – Greek not working.
  • Fix: Subtitle Search: some language multi ISO639-2 codes and first code is matches the subtitle then it will use this language to search and result will be a fail.
  • Fix: Subtitle: some language search will cause system crashes.
  • Fix: Sometimes the Plot text does not update when changing the Focus on Thumbnails
  • Fix: Sometimes cover.jpg is not refreshed in Movie Edit Page when you change cover.jpg.
  • Fix: Mask from Movie scan folder called ‘Sample,Screens’
  • Fix: samba NAS: If HDD Name has a space then it does not work on Samba NAS,
  • Dev: ‘0 movie added’ and ‘xxx movies added’ translated by string table.
  • Dev: Music Playback: when set repeat off, It should play all tracks in folder and then ‘Stop’.
  • Fix: IPTV: ‘#EXTINF:-1,D8’, the name ‘D8’ isn’t displayed

Version number 3.0.1
Release status Final
Website Mede8er
File size


License type Freeware