Firmware Update: Intel Compute Stick STK2m3(W)64CC 0060

Intel has released new firmware for its STK2m364CC and STK2m3W64CC Compute Sticks, with 0060 as version designation. Both sticks have an Intel Core m3-6Y30 processor. In addition, both have 64GB emmc storage memory and 4GB lpddr3 RAM on board. The W version adds a Windows 10 installation. The Compute Stick is a computer the size of a pack of chewing gum, which you plug into the screen via an HDMI connection. Intel focuses on applications such as home entertainment, embedded PCs and thin clients. The changes in version 0060 of the firmware are as follows:

BIOS Version 0060 – CCSKLm30.86A.0060.2019.0517.1441

About This Release:

  • ROM Image Checksum: 0x2859
  • ME Firmware:
  • Memory Reference Code: Based on
  • Integrated Graphics
    • Option ROM: Build 1040PC 14.34
    • UEFI Driver: 9.0.1047
  • AHCI Code: Based on AHCI_10

New Fixes/Features:

  • Updated BIOS code for security fixes.
  • Updated processor microcode.
  • Updated Intel ME firmware to version
  • Change SMBIOS chassis type to 0x24 Stick PC.

Know Errata:

  • Due to the Intel ME firmware update in BIOS version 0060, you can’t downgrade to version 0059 or earlier.

BIOS Version 0059 – CCSKLm30.86A.0059.2019.0305.1958

  • Updated BIOS code for security fixes.

BIOS Version 0058 – CCSKLm30.86A.0058.2018.0727.1102

  • Updated CPU Microcode (Security Advisory-00115)
  • Disabled and removed Intel Ready Mode Technology related items from BIOS setup for Intel Security fix.

Version number 0060
Release status Final
Website Intel
License type Freeware