Firmware update: CUSL2 bios

Asus has 2 new bios available for the CUSL2. Version 1003 as official bios and version 1004 as beta.

The 1003 version is here For the 1004 version surf here.

Here are the release notes for the 1003 version:

-Fix incorrect DMI information of CPU family name when CuMine C0 stepping CPU is used.

-Fix AOpen PA3030 AGP card cannot enter VGA setup by pressing INSERT key.

-Fix Win98 SE cannot be installed from its bootable CD if a CNR modem card is populated.

-Fix sytem cannot resume from S3 (Suspend-to-RAM state) if Intel PIII 933MHz CPU is used.

-Fix UDMA IDE mode 5 hard disk cannot be enabled in Win2K device manager.

Version number 1003.1004
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux
Website Asus