Firmware Update: BeBook 2.10-20090803 Beta

The developers of Endless Ideas have for their BeBook-e-reader released a new beta firmware with 2.10-20090803 as the version designation. On our forum you can find more information about the BeBook and competitors in The eBookreader experience topic. The announcement of this beta release looks like this:

August 2009 Beta Firmware Update (epub, pdf reflow, adobe)

This is a Beta release of the software. This means you are free to try it, but it might contain flaws in the software, or cause your device to malfunction. Use of this software is at your own responsibility.

This release note is for the August 2009 update. Firmware version NL-2.10-20090803

Changes to last update:

  • WARNING: Removes the ability to read Mobipocket DRM protected files. (non DRM Mobipocket files can still be read)
  • CHANGE: This updates your BeBook adding support for DRM protected PDF and EPUB files using Adobe (r) DRM.
  • CHANGE: adds compatibility with Adobe Digital Editions book management software.
  • CHANGE: auto recognition in Adobe Digital Editions identifying the device as ‘BeBook’
  • CHANGE: adds reflowable PDF and Epub file support.

NOTE: If you got a library of mobipocket protected files, you can always revert to the latest mobipocket version of the software. This can be downloaded Lord. It is possible to switch back and forth between firmware version containing different DRM protection systems.

NOTE: Known flaw in the software: the zoom levels will be adjusted to fit the most popular sizes.

Version number 2.10-20090803 beta
Release status beta
Website BeBook
File size 40.23MB
License type GPL