Firmware Update: Apple iOS 15.1.1

Apple has an update for version 15 of iOS released. From version 13, iOS is only suitable for the iPhone and the iPads have been given their own OS, with the main difference being the extra options to use the larger screen. In iOS 15, there are now four different types of notifications: passive, active, time sensitive, and critical. The second big new feature is Focus, a combination of Do Not Disturb and Auto Mode, along with new settings options. Furthermore, Facetime, Safari, Maps and Wallet have been provided with new functionality. Version 15.1.1 should address a disconnection issue on an iPhone 12 or 13.

iOS 15.1.1

  • iOS 15.1.1 improves call drop prevention on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models.

Version number 15.1.1
Release status Final
Operating systems iOS
Website apple
License type Freeware