Firmware update: Abit KT7 (RAID)

There seems to be a new beta BIOS online for the Abit KT7. There are not really clear release notes as usual, the info below is appropriate Apu’s Hardware

There is currently no beta BIOS later than the official WT release for KT7 users.

KT7-RAID users should download the version of the WT BIOS, which is designated as beta by Abit because the embedded Highpoint 1.03b1 BIOS is a beta release. The rest of the BIOS functionality is not beta.

At the same time that Abit posted BIOS WT to their ftp server they also posted a KT7 BIOS called WG. This version had a file date in the year 2009! DO NOT FLASH TO THIS BIOS! There have been a number of reports of people rendering their machine unbootable with this BIOS.

Beta BIOSes are usually available at This BIOS also contains an upgrade to the latest Highpoint BIOS for the KT7-RAID.

KT7-RAID users should also install the latest Highpoint drivers for this BIOS available at – BIOS and driver version numbers should match.

Version number WT
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux
Website Apu’s Hardware