Finnish company wants submarine cable via Arctic between Japan and Europe

The Finnish state company Cinia wants to establish a new Internet connection between Japan, North America and Europe via an undersea internet cable across the Arctic. It will be a 14,000 km cable that will run largely through the Arctic.

The Finnish company Cinia announces the plans for the new cable on its website. Next year, research will start into the best route for the cable. The cable is expected to be operational in 2025.

The cable will run from Japan via the Northwest Passage and land in Alaska and Canada. In Europe there will be a connection with the country in Finland, Norway and Ireland. According to Cinia, the cable should ensure that faster connections between Asia and Europe are possible.

Cinia was previously responsible for the installation of 17,000 kilometers of fiber optic in Europe. The Finnish state-owned company has also installed a 1,200-kilometer C-Lion1 cable to enable a high-speed connection between Germany and Finland.

For the construction of this new cable, Cinia will collaborate with the company Far North Digital. According to the companies, laying the cable will cost about 1 billion euros.

Fiber Express Route, image by North Fiber