The fingerprint scanner disappears

The fingerprint scanner behind the screen is the Duke Nukem Forever of the mobile market. It was a promise for years and recently he was there. The first rumors about the technology date from about four years ago and since then there are always rumors that the next generation of high-end smartphones will have a fingerprint scanner behind the screen.

For a moment it seemed that the fingerprint scanner was out of fashion would hit. Apple, the biggest influencer of market trends in smartphones – look at the notch in the screen – removed the fingerprint scanner from its iPhone X and replaced it with facial recognition. Manufacturers of Android smartphones do not do that for the time being. Perhaps this has to do with the price of the required components or the complexity of the software used, but the copying of Apple’s Face ID has not been successful so far. Of course all Android phones have unlocking via face recognition, but that happens with the front camera. This is less secure than Face ID, but works much faster.
Synaptics was the first to show its Clear ID sensor for unlocking with the fingerprint at the beginning of this year by pressing the screen. It is now clear that all suppliers of biometric authenticators are working on this technique, although the implementation differs.
For this story we have borrowed a Vivo X21 smartphone from Chocoball for which many thanks! 
 Vivo X21 - fingerprint scanner behind the screen