Find Your Phone By Clapping With These Free Android Apps

In case of misplacing your smartphone, now you can find your smartphone very easily.  We have complies some free Android apps to find your phone by clapping.  The interesting thing about these apps is that they don’t require your phone to have an Internet connection or enabled GPS. They can find the phone for you just by listening to your claps. Let’s get started with the apps.

Clap To Find My Phone:

Clap To Find My Phone is probably the best free Android app to find your phone by clapping. After you open this app, it will ask you to set the clap sensitivity and then try clapping twice from different locations in the room to verify the sound. Then you can proceed and enable the “Start Now” option to activate this app. Now, each time you clap twice, it will find your phone and start ringing an alarm. Apart from that, it can also vibrate, blink the camera flash, and blink the screen to let you know where your phone is.

Phone Finder on Clap:

Phone Finder on Clap is another free app that can help you find your Android phone by clapping. For that, all you gotta do is open this app and hit the “Tap to Start” button. After that, you will see a button named, “Find My Phone” which you need to click to proceed. Then you can activate this app for listening to your clap by tapping on the “Start Listening” button. Now, whenever you clap, it will detect it and then alert you by ringing an alarm to let you know where you have kept your phone. This app can also vibrate your phone to help you find your phone.

Clap Phone Finder:

Clap Phone Finder is one of the simplest Android apps which can be used to easily find your phone just by clapping. You can simply install and open this free phone finder app and then you will see a big On/Off button on the main. To activate this app for detecting your clap, all you gotta do is toggle On the button and then minimize the app. Now, whenever you will clap, it will automatically trigger an alarm to help you find your phone. The alarm screen will be a blank screen, as shown in the above screenshot.

Find Phone by Clapping:

Find Phone by Clapping is also a free app that you can use on your Android phone to find it by clapping. This app is quite similar to “Phone Finder on Clap”. You can open it up and then click on the “Start” button to proceed. After that, you can see a “Start Listening” button which you need to ta to activate this app. Now, you can go ahead and find your phone by clapping. Each time you do that, it will automatically start ringing an alarm. This app also has the option to vibrate when the alarm triggers.

Clap to Find my Phone:

Clap to Find my Phone can also be used to find your Android phone just by clapping. To get started, simply open this app and then tap on the “Click to Find my Phone” button on the main screen. After you do that, you will see another button called “Start Listening” which you need to click to activate this app. Then you can minimize this app and it will start detecting your claps automatically. Whenever you clap, it will trigger an alarm on your phone in order to help you find it. This one can also vibrate your phone along with ringing the alarm.