Figma approached Microsoft before closing a deal with Adobe for acquisition

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Design tool Figma approached Microsoft when it was negotiating an acquisition with Adobe. After three weeks of negotiations, Microsoft finally announced that it was not interested in acquiring the company. Adobe and Figma now have a deal.

It is unknown why Microsoft did not want Figma, writes Bloomberg. What is clear is that Adobe and Figma had talked about a possible acquisition before, but that Figma did not let those attempts continue for acquisitions. This happened, among other things, in 2020 and 2021, the financial news agency says on the basis of a document that has become public in connection with an investigation into the planned takeover.

Adobe announced in September that it would acquire Figma for $20 billion. The document also shows that the founder of Figma initially aimed for a higher acquisition price of $ 23 billion. Investigations into the takeover are ongoing in various countries. Adobe expects to complete the acquisition this year.

Figma has been around since 2012 and is used by designers to collaborate in real time. The tool can be used via the browser, but there is also a mobile app. Figma’s software quickly became popular during the corona crisis, when more and more companies let employees work from home.

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