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FBI wants tool for ‘constant monitoring’ of social media

The FBI intends to monitor social media more intensively. For this a tool must be made for which the organization is looking for a developer. The intention is to make it easier to keep an eye on terrorists and criminals.

On a website of the American government there is a so-called request for proposal to which developers can respond if they want to accept the project. This is a so-called early alerting tool for social media, whereby the FBI receives notifications of messages that meet predefined criteria; this may, for example, concern a location, subject, photo or other characteristics in which the government organization is interested, for example, because there is a link with an investigation into criminal or terrorist activities.

The intention is therefore that the tool will constantly monitor social media websites. The way in which the tool is described, however, raises questions about the privacy of ordinary citizens and how their data is kept. Users of the tool must also be able to view historical data, which indicates that data about posts is stored on social media.

Interested developers can respond until July 19 if they have questions for the FBI. A week later they receive their answers, and then the proposal must reach the office of the government organization by 8 August.

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