Faster iOS 12 will come out for all devices that now have iOS 11

Apple has announced iOS 12 for all devices that now run iOS 11, the manufacturer announced at its own developer conference WWDC. This includes the iPhone 5s from 2013 the latest update.

The main changes in iOS 12 have to do with managing iPhone and iPad usage. For example, users receive a report with usage per app and the option to set limits. In addition, parents also have the option of limiting children’s app use and blocking the phone completely at night.

In addition, Apple is expanding the Do Not Disturb feature. For example, it is possible to turn on Do Not Disturb until a certain time or until the user leaves the location. It is also possible to show a different lockscreen at night.

The new settings are in line with various changes that Google is releasing with Android P. Google’s mobile OS will get a dashboard to give users insight into how much they spend in which app. There are also app timers in which users can impose a limit on the use of individual apps. In addition, users can set a ‘bedtime’ after which the screen will go monochrome indicating that the user should put it down.

Another big change is the arrival of grouped notifications on the lockscreen. This makes it possible to collect all notifications from an app, so that a long list of notifications no longer arises on the lock screen.

Users can also create Animojis based on their own photos for use on the iPhone X. Apple calls the function ‘Memoji’.

Developers can create ARKit apps for multiplayer, Apple announced. They then see the same virtual objects in physical space and can play against each other or watch others play a game.

The upgrade will receive support for the Apple file format usdz, intended for augmented reality. Usdz stands for Universal Scene Description and will be an open format and will work in Safari and Apple News, among others. Adobe Creative Cloud, among others, will support USDZ, Adobe announced. Apple also announced its first proprietary ARKit app. Measure is an app to measure things.

Apple focuses iOS 12 on more speed, among other things. This is done, among other things, by clocking the processor up to the maximum speed faster, for example to allow apps to start faster. As a result, daily actions should also be faster on older devices, including starting the camera from the lockscreen. That should be 70 percent faster on older devices. Apps should launch 40 percent faster, while the keyboard should appear on the screen 50 percent faster when needed.

Facetime will now support group conversations. This is possible with a maximum of 32 people. Digital assistant Siri gets the ability to interact with any app. Developers can insert custom commands into their app for users to use in Siri. Apple calls them Shortcuts. Users can also create their own actions in the Shortcuts app in an interface somewhat reminiscent of If This Then That.

Siri also gets more suggestions, such as turning off the sound if Siri has seen you at the cinema. The Photos app will have a “For you” tab that will include automatic photo sharing suggestions based on contacts’ facial recognition. In Carplay, users can now also use third-party navigation apps, such as Google Maps and Waze.

In addition, there are changes to Apple News, Stocks and Apple Books, the new name for iBooks.

Apple will release iOS 12 this fall for all devices that also run iOS 11. The oldest iPhone to support this is the iPhone 5s, while the manufacturer supports all iPads from the iPad Air onwards. The most recent iPod touch will also receive the upgrade. Apple will release iOS 12 this fall. A developer beta will be released Monday, while a public beta will follow later this month.

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