FacePause – This App Pauses Any Video or Game When You Don’t Look At The Screen

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Smartphones are meant to make our daily lives more comfortable. Not only that, but there are thousands of Android apps available in the Google Play Store that help us become more productive.

On our Android smartphones, we make calls, send messages, surf the Internet, listen to music, watch videos, etc. Of all these, we tend to spend most of the time to spend while watching movies on Android. To get the best viewing experience on Android, there are many apps for media players available in the Google Play Store.

Media player apps for Android welcome some useful features, such as Gesture support, subtitles, etc., but it cannot pause or stop the video when you are not looking at the screen.

Let us admit that we are all distracted while watching movies or playing games and we miss an important part. To return to the missed part, we get no other options than rewinding the video or restarting the game.

What is more interesting is that Face Pause offers a fast app launcher program that allows users to launch their favorite apps directly and easily via the Face Pause app, and you can also control the pause and continuation of your rearview camera with Face Pause

The app is extremely lightweight and requires approximately 3 MB of storage space to install and works with almost all major video and music streaming. apps such as Spotify, YouTube, etc.  Click HERE to install this app from playstore.

There is also an Experimental Extension from the chrome browser for Look Away to Pause Youtube. Click HERE (extension down from chrome web store) to install this extension.

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