‘Facebook wants to open Messenger platform to third parties’

Facebook will announce at the F8 developer conference next week that it wants to open up its Messenger platform. For example, third parties could add new possibilities to the instant messaging app.

TechCrunch reports this based on a number of anonymous sources. First of all, Facebook would like to make it possible for third parties to display new forms of information and content within the Messenger environment. If this setup succeeds, Facebook would like to expand the possibilities further.

It is unclear what new possibilities Facebook within Messenger has in mind. However, the social networking giant would like to make its messenger app more versatile, looking at the WeChat and Line apps that offer new functionality within the chat environment to end users in Asia.

Facebook recently included a payment function for American users of the Messenger app. This makes it possible to transfer money to another Messenger user with just a few actions. According to Facebook Messenger has about half a billion active users.