Facebook users report issue with timeline forwarded messages

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Facebook users around the world are reporting a problem with the platform. An endless stream of user posts can appear on users’ News Feed that are posted on pages of acquaintances and companies that these users follow.

Several users are reporting this issue. In addition, all posts on a page that is followed are directly visible in your own timeline. It also seems that this is now being abused, with all sorts of things being posted on the Facebook pages of famous people. Users often follow those pages and so those spam messages now appear on their own feeds as well.

On Reddit, among others, but also on All malfunctions and the English version Down detector there are many complaints about it. The problem has been going on since Wednesday morning. Also reported is an issue where users of anyone who congratulates someone will see the corresponding message.

At the time of writing, on the status dashboard parent company Meta has yet to see any problem. The Verge has Meta for a comment requested, but the website didn’t get it right away. It is unknown when the issue will be resolved.

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