'Facebook sets up team to design their own chips'

Facebook seems to set up a team that will develop its own chips. In any case, these are chips for the infrastructure of the social network, but Facebook may also want to provide its consumer products with their own chips in the future.

That Facebook wants to make its own chips is evident from a vacancy ] for an asic and fpga designer who put the company online. The wording shows that Facebook is at an early stage of development.
Sources of financial news agency Bloomberg say that it is not a single position, but that Facebook is setting up a team. If Facebook is going to make its own chips, it will follow other tech giants such as Apple and Google. Also car manufacturer Tesla works on its own chips
The plans for their own chip seem to be related mainly to artificial intelligence. Yann LeCunn, who is responsible at Facebook for all the research on that subject, refers in a tweet to the vacancy and mentions that the chip will be used for ai.
Facebook could use its own chips in its server hardware, but also in its future consumer products. For the time being, the hardware that Facebook releases will have chips from third parties. The announcement of the Oculus Go-vr headset is expected in May, with a Qualcomm-soc.



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