Facebook is going to delete messages that lead to violence

Facebook will remove messages that incite violent behavior. This is misleading information. The reason for this is that misinformation has led to physical violence.

Facebook removes violent content

Facebook will check posts for unsuitable or misleading information that aims to inflict violence or physical damage. Facebook does not do this alone, but in collaboration with local organizations that specialize in threats. The posts that Facebook is going to view contain both manipulated images and text.

Facebook selects posts and the partners check whether they are indeed misleading and can cause violence. If this is the case, Facebook will delete the post and related posts.

Facebook will search for violent posts in the coming months. The first content has already been removed. A post stating that Muslims in Sri Lanka poison food they give to Buddhists has been removed after investigation.

Facebook under fire

In a discussion about fake news on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg gave an example about the Holocaust that was not good. He said denials of the Holocaust are not removed, because this is seen as an unintended error. Users turned against Zuckerberg en masse after this statement.

Fake news is also an issue on the social media platform. Yet Facebook does everything to minimize the impact. Artificial Intelligence is used, for example, to detect fake news. Also Facebook news organizations are sorting for reliability .

It is and remains a big challenge, big data. Millions of Facebook users are active on the platform. See to filter out malicious information. Fortunately, there are always better automatic techniques to do this.