Ex-Westwood developers working on C&C: Renegade-esque game Earthbreakers

Petroglyph, the game studio made up of part veterans of Westwood Studios, is working on a new game that closely resembles Command & Conquer: Renegade. That game was a mixture of fps and rts. The game, called Earthbreakers, was quietly announced in mid-November.

The teaser shows large harvester vehicles mining a purple resource, very reminiscent of the green Tiberium from the original Command & Conquer games. Subsequently, a typical RTS-style building is erected and the player buys a tank on a computer in another building, which immediately rolls off the production line. They are multiple elements strongly reminiscent of Command & Conquer: Renegade, made by Westwood Studios and released in 2002.

Renegade was the second to last game released by Westwood before being shut down by parent company Electronic Arts. This is much to the regret of the huge fan base that the studio had at the time and who to some extent still have the games. In addition to this Renegade-esque game, Petroglyph is also working on a remaster of the original Command & Conquer on behalf of EA.

Earthbreakers also has a page on the Steam store that lists the “2020” release date. It also states that the game will have 12 different classes, as well as six vehicles, super weapons, multiple maps, support for own servers, up to 64 players per match and bot support.