Epic stops with Infinity Blade in Fortnite after complaints from users

Fortnite players can no longer use the recently introduced Infinity Blade. The weapon turned out to be disruptive because it would give users too many advantages and is therefore temporarily removed from the game.

It is an object in the so-called Mythic series, which game developer Epic recently added to Fortnite. The Infinity Blade appeared to contain features that were seen by overpowered players, which ultimately led to many complaints; according to Fornite gamers there is little to start with the Infinity Blade and there are no effective counters . In response, Epic has announced that the Infinity Blade can no longer be used.

In a reaction, the theme developer announced that the Infinity Blade made a mistake in Fortnite. In addition, in response to the complaints from players, the Mythic items are reviewed to determine whether changes in the properties of the weapons are necessary.

Fortnite is a popular game that now has hundreds of millions of players. It is a shooter that is available for macOS, iOS, PlayStation 4, Windows and Xbox One, but recently also accessible to mobile users on Android.