Epic Games Store contains reference to Alan Wake’s remaster

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Remedy appears to be working on an Alan Wake remaster. Code in the Epic Games Store references that title. The game originally appeared in 2010 for Windows and the Xbox 360. The remaster may also be coming to PlayStation consoles.

The reference in the code from the Epic Games Store was noticed by a reddit user. The download store contains a reference to a cloud save folder called Alan Wake Remastered. That folder is in a folder titled Remedy, which is the developer of the first game.

Remedy has a close relationship with Epic. For example, Control initially came out exclusively in the Epic Games Store, the developer probably received 9.5 million euros for it. The game was also given away for free in the download store last week. If a remaster of Alan Wake comes out, it could also become an Epic Games Store exclusive.

It is also possible that the remaster will appear for PlayStation consoles. Alan Wake was only released for Windows and the Xbox 360 in 2010, because Microsoft was the publisher. However, the rights of the franchise rest entirely with Remedy.

In April, there were rumors that Remedy would be working on Alan Wake 2. However, concrete details about that did not come out. The arrival of a second part could also be a reason for making a remaster, for example to bundle both games for the new consoles.

Alan Wake, 2010

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