Epic Games is going to share 40 percent of net sales from Fortnite with island creators

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Epic Games comes with a ‘Creator Economy 2.0’. With this, the company will pay out 40 percent of Fortnite’s net sales to creators who create islands for the game. This also includes the islands that Epic makes itself.

As part of the Creator Economy 2.0 program, Epic Games will distribute 40 percent of Fortnite net sales to all island publishers monthly. That amount is divided between independent island creators and the islands of Epic itself, including the popular Battle Royale mode. Revenue comes from the Fortnite item store and “most real money purchases.” The amount that creators receive is based on the performance of the island, according to Epic. Factors such as popularity, engagement and the extent to which the islands attract new players are taken into account. Users can through a Creator portal register for the program.

The payment program will be available as part of Fortnite Creative, which became available in 2018. This allows users to create their own ‘games and experiences’ within Fortnite and then make them available in the form of islands. Previously, island makers could already earn money with their creations, in the form of Support-A-Creator. Before that, however, players had to use an island creator’s code when making in-game purchases on the Fortnite Store, after which the creator would receive 5 percent of the purchase amount. With the Creator Economy 2.0 program, creators receive their share of sales automatically.

On Wednesday, Epic Games also released released a test version of his Unreal Editor for Fortnite, which is available through the Epic Games Store. With this UEFN, island creators will have significantly more options to create content for Fortnite. According to Epic, this editor has “many of the same features” that the company itself uses to make Fortnite. Users can import their own assets with the Unreal Editor, among other things. As part of UEFN, Epic is also releasing a Verse language for scripting. Epic announced the arrival of the Unreal Editor for Fortnite last week.

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