Enigma Project warns investors not to transfer ether after hack

The Enigma Project, which claims to collect data for investment purposes, has issued a warning not to transfer funds. An unknown person took over the company’s communication channels on Monday and spread a wrong Ethereum address.

The organisation reports via Twitter that her website, Slack account and mailing lists have been accessed. As a result, an unknown person was able to send messages about a so-called presale, with which the Enigma Project would like to raise money. The messages included an Ethereum address to which investors could transfer money, Bleeping Computer writes. That many people heeded the call is apparent from the transactions that took place to the corresponding wallet. 1487 ether has now ended up in it, converted about 415,000 euros.

The website, which now displays a warning, shows that the Enigma Project itself was indeed engaged in an ongoing presale. A report of a user’s events shows that a bitcoin address was also mentioned in the email. It currently appears that a total of 24.7 bitcoin has been transferred, which amounts to approximately 85,000 euros. The attackers may have stolen a total of half a million euros. This is not reflected in Enigma’s communication, so the organization claims that no financial resources from the company have been stolen. The same would be true for passwords and private keys.

It is not the first time that a cryptocurrency project has been targeted by malicious parties during the investment phase. A similar situation arose in July at Coindash, where the website was modified by a hack. In addition, by providing an alternative address for transferring investments, attackers took a total of seven million dollars.