Emulator in sdk gives a look at interface and operation Microsoft Surface Duo

The emulator in Microsoft’s Dual Screen SDK provides the first look at how the Surface Duo smartphone works and how it interfaces with Android. At the announcement, Microsoft kept the interface of the phone a secret.

The videos of Zac Bowden show, among other things, how the gesture control interface works. For example, the multitasking windows are one below the other instead of next to each other, because otherwise the multitasking window would fill both screens. Users can drag apps from one screen to another, and in some cases open across both screens. Jonas Daehnert pasted the interface into an image of the Surface Duo to show what it would look like on the smartphone itself.

Edge and Outlook, among others, support the use of two screens at the same time. Edge renders the page below the screen edges. Outlook has a list on the left, where users can read the content of emails on the right.

It is the first time that something of the interface and operation of the Surface Duo is visible. The company did not show it when it announced. Microsoft will release the smartphone Surface Duo with Android and the tablet Surface Neo with Windows 10 X at the end of this year. The intention of releasing the sdk is that there are many apps available that are prepared for the use of two screens.

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