elementary OS 5.0

Elementary OS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution, which aims to provide a consistent and simple desktop environment with Pantheon. It uses the long-term support editions of Ubuntu. The elementary development team has changed the version numbering and jumps from 0.4.1 to 5.0 to indicate the maturity of the operating system and this fifth edition. The announcement is too long to be mentioned here in its entirety. It starts as follows:

elementary OS 5 Juno is Here

elementary OS is the fast, open, and privacy-respecting alternative to Windows and macOS. About the past year we’ve been putting together a new major version of elementary OS, codenamed Juno. It is the culmination of updates and improvements with three major goals:

  1. Provide a more refined user experience
  2. Improve productivity for new and seasoned users alike
  3. Take our developer platform to the next level

Today we’re proud to officially release elementary OS 5.

Majorly Updated Apps

elementary OS is made up of two main parts: the “desktop” which includes the core user experience, look and feel, and system pieces; and the apps that come with the OS out of the box. elementary OS 5 Juno includes major updates across several of these core apps.

AppCenter: the Open, Pay-What-You-Want App Store

AppCenter is our built-in app store where users can download free and paid apps that are purpose-built for elementary OS. With AppCenter we’re doing things a bit differently from our competitors. First, every single app in AppCenter is open source because we firmly believe in the world-changing power of freely-licensed code and open source software. Second, all paid apps are offered with a developer-provided price, but are ultimately pay-what-you-want. Users choose what to pay – if anything at all – when they download paid apps.

We use a pay-what-you-want model because it makes it incredibly easy to use. while keeping things accessible for individuals or organizations where the costs might be prohibitive. Our goal is a sustainable open source ecosystem or quality apps that people love.

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