Elden Ring gets quality and fps graphics modes on next-gen consoles

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Elden Ring will feature two graphics modes on next-gen consoles: one that favors framerate and one that favors quality. The game is the first FromSoftware title on the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony and the first to include these options.

The information comes out through store pages of the American chain GameStop. He writes with both the Xbox Series and PS5 version that there will be a Graphic Mode and a Performance Mode. The first mode will offer ‘up to 4k resolution’ and the second mode will go for ‘up to 60fps’. Experience will probably show how much of those two goals will actually end up.

The news may not come as a complete surprise, as a related game also had those options. BluePoint’s Demon’s Souls remake, which came out as a launch title along with the PS5, offered the same modes. Nevertheless, FromSoftware itself does not have a spotless history when it comes to the graphics aspects of its games. For example, the graphics of Dark Souls II received a nice downgrade compared to promotional images and Bloodborne suffers from frame pacing problems.

The release of Elden Ring will take place on February 25 of the coming year. The game will be released on the previous generation from Sony and Microsoft and on Windows in addition to next-gen consoles. Recently, FromSoftware showed 15 minutes of gameplay of the game.

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