EKWB comes with flow indicators that can be mounted on a GPU water block

EKWB has released three new flow indicators for custom water cooling loops in the Quantum series. This concerns three different variants, two of which can be mounted directly on a GPU water block.

EKWB announces the release of the flow indicators on its website. A flow indicator allows users to estimate the flow rate of water in a custom water cooling loop. The Slovenian company comes with three Quantum Flow Indicator variants. The regular version has three G1 / 4 “connections. These can, for example, be attached to a radiator or a pump with a male-to-male G1 / 4” adapter.

The regular flow indicator (middle) and the two GPU variants

Two of the three variants can be mounted directly to an EKWB Quantum Vector water block, the company reports. These replace the regular ones when used terminal of that waterblock. The two variants are almost the same; only the suitable flow pattern differs per model. Users can choose from a top-bottom variant and a bottom-top version.

The flow indicators are made of transparent plexiglass with an aluminum top. All three variants are equipped with RGB LEDs, which are controlled with software from ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte or MSI.

The new products are available on the EKWB website. The flow indicators should also go on sale to resellers soon. The regular variant will receive a suggested retail price of around 35 euros. The two flow indicators that can be mounted on GPU water blocks cost around 55 euros.

The Quantum Scalar variant that is mounted on a GPU water block