EA is working on a remaster of Command & Conquer

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EA has initiated development of a remaster of strategy game Command & Conquer, in celebration of the game’s upcoming 25th anniversary. The company asks the community for ideas for the possibilities.

The remaster has been announced by Jim Vessella, producer at EA and member of the team that developed Command & Conquer 3 and Red Alert 3. According to him, there are the necessary ideas internally to release the classic PC titles in a polished form and on Reddit and OpenRA he asks Command & Conquer fans to think about it. Vessella does promise that there will be no microtransactions in a C&C remaster.

More information about EA’s plans will follow in the coming weeks, he promises. The reception of the mobile game Command & Conquer: Rivals seems to have played a role in the decision to make a remaster. That release was criticized because many players didn’t think it was a real C&C game. “We heard you loud and clear: The Command & Conquer community wants to see the franchise return to PC.”

The first Command & Conquer appeared in 1995 by Westwood. EA bought that studio in 1998 but closed Westwood in 2003. OpenRA is a community project that revives the old games and develops open source software inspired by the original games.

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