EA is working on a patch for variable rate shading issues in Dead Space remake

Electronic Arts is working on a patch for the recently released remake of Dead Space to correct the identified variable rate shading issue on the PlayStation 5. PC players also get the option to turn off this technique.

An EA community manager says on Reddit that the developers are working on a patch for the PC and PS5, but there is currently no release date for that. The employee thanks players for their patience and help in identifying the problem.

Including John Linneman of Digital Foundry wrote on Twitter about the issues on the PlayStation 5. Using a few screenshots, he shows how VRS leads to shadowy parts of the world shown losing a lot of detail and apparently having a much lower resolution than the set game resolution.

Variable rate shading gives developers the opportunity to indicate which parts of the image should receive the most GPU processing power. The idea is that less computing power goes to parts of the game world in the background or where the player is not directly looking at, so the loss of detail and refinement of those parts is not much of a problem.

In addition, Linneman states that the gamma curve is not completely adjusted, so that there is too hard a transition from visible details to completely dark. According to Linneman, this leads to the impression of black crush. With that phenomenon, details are lost in dark or black areas.

The remake of Dead Space appeared on Friday for PC, Xbox Series consoles and PlayStation 5. The survival horror game was originally released in 2008 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.