EA adjusts ‘loot boxes’ in Star Wars Battlefront II after criticism

Publisher EA and developer DICE have announced changes to the loot boxes for sale in Star Wars Battlefront II. The changes are in response to criticism that players could gain gameplay benefits through microtransactions.

A post on the EA website explains the changes. “We’ve listened to your feedback,” the publisher wrote. The most important change is that the Epic Star Cards are no longer available through loot boxes. These cards, which allow players to improve their character’s skills, can only be obtained through crafting. However, there is an exception for the Epic Star Cards that players can obtain by placing a pre-order or purchasing a deluxe version of the game.

During the open beta that was organized in early October, it turned out that players in Star Wars Battlefront II could buy so-called loot boxes containing items by paying money. The Epic Star Cards can give players an advantage in multiplayer pots and by paying a lot of money, players can get them quickly, without making any effort.

EA also reports that players must be of a certain rank to craft better Star Cards. It is therefore no longer possible to buy a lot of crates and convert their contents into crafting materials, and then turn them into strong Star Cards. Only by playing the game can players create increasingly stronger Star Cards.

Furthermore, weapons are locked behind in-game milestones. Some will still be found in the crates, but the rest can only be unlocked in-game by playing pots. Gear specific to a class can be unlocked by playing with that class. This produces crates containing Star Cards and Crafting Parts, with which players can further improve their character.

EA says this system will be “continuously” improved. The publisher says it is important to keep the community together and that is why there will be no paid DLC for the game. All additions such as new weapons, levels, heroes and vehicles will be made available for free. In the previous Star Wars Battlefront game, such expansions had to be paid for. Star Wars Battlefront II is out November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.

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