E3 game fair has no physical presence this year either

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The Entertainment Software Association has announced that the Electronic Entertainment Expo game fair will not take place physically this year either. As with previous editions, this has to do with the corona pandemic. There will probably be a digital version.

In a statement to GamesBeat, the ESA said that the Electronic Entertainment Expo will not be able to take place in physical form, given the health risks surrounding the corona pandemic and the consequences for the safety of organizers and visitors present. The fair was originally scheduled for mid-June.

The Entertainment Software Association says it will release more details soon. The organizer says he remains very excited about the future of E3 and also says he is positive about the possibilities for an online event. The ESA has not yet confirmed whether the fair will actually continue as an online event.

This step means that the stock market will be adjusted for the third year in a row due to the consequences of the corona virus. Last year, the fair was also canceled in a physical sense and a digital event that can be followed free of charge took its place. In 2020, the fair was canceled in its entirety and there was also no online event.

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