Dropbox comes with photo app and Android version Mailbox

Dropbox released an Android version of the popular Mailbox app on Wednesday evening. The storage service has also released Carousel, an app that allows you to view and manage photos and videos.

The announcement of the Android version of Mailbox follows the takeover of the popular mail app by Dropbox in November. The app, which should allow users to manage their e-mail more efficiently, has received the new auto-swipe function on Android, which automatically categorizes mails. That feature is now also available on iOS. In addition, personal preferences are now automatically synced via Dropbox. The Mailbox team is also working on a Mac version of Mailbox, which is currently in private beta.

At the same time, Dropbox is releasing a new app, Carousel, to view and manage photos and videos. In addition, from the app, users can share photos and videos with friends and the ability to comment on photos and videos is also provided.

Later this year, Dropbox plans to release an extension for Office, among others, that will allow users to collaborate on documents and have discussions. The exact functionality of ‘Project Harmony’ is not yet known; Friday Dropbox promises to provide more information. Dropbox also introduces the ability to link a private Dropbox account to a business account. For business users, a remote wipe functionality has also been added to protect confidential information.

Finally, Dropbox has announced a number of personnel changes. Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside is now Dropbox’s chief operating officer. Condoleezza Rice, the former United States Secretary of State, has been added to the Board of Directors.