Driver Update: QuickCam Express 0.6.3

Logitech only makes drivers for Windows for its webcams. So users of Linux as an operating system unfortunately pee next to the virtual pot. However, there is a project on SourceForge where drivers are being developed for certain models of webcams from Logitech, Dexxa and Labtec, among others. Basically they work with all cameras from VendorId 0x46d and ProductId 0x840, 0x850, or 0x870. Version 0.6.3 of this driver has just been released and support for 2.6.11 or higher has been added. The changelog therefore looks like this:


  • Most important change: support for kernel 2.6.11 and newer

Version number 0.6.3
Operating systems Linux
Website SourceForge
File size


License type GPL