Driver Update: Matrox G400/G450 Win9x

In addition to drivers for Windows 2000, new drivers have also been released for Windows 9x. you can do them here take down:

Matrox have unveiled their third generation DualHead support for the G400/G450. eDualHead support is featured in the new Windows 9x 6.50 (3.1MB) and Windows 2000 5.51 (2.8MB) drivers released today. Also featured in the Windows 2000 driver is support for true independent desktops using DualHead, Matrox have done what Microsoft have been unable to do with their own operating system. For the extra eDualHead features you will have to register over on the Matrox website before you can download them, alternatively they’ll be quite happy to relieve you of a little more cash and sell it to you on CD, the software is only 1.3MB is size

Version number 6.50
Operating systems Windows 9x
Website MURC