Download Driver For Highpoint RAID Drivers v2.3

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ElemenTAL informs us that there are new drivers for the Highpoint controller with a Highpoint 370 chip on it. A new BIOS has also been made for it.

You can download the drivers for Windows 2000/XP here take down.

You can download the drivers for Windows NT here take down.

And here they are available for Windows 9x/ME.

The BIOS is here to take down.

Below is a quote from the Readme file from the zip file of the driver.

v2.3 12/20/2001

* Add support for stripe size 128K-2M

*Support multi controller

* Modify driver for HPT370/370A compatibility

* Fix reading ATA/133 disk error when PCI clock is lower than 33MHz

* Fix compatibility problem with Intel IAA driver under Windows ME

* Fix BIOS compatibility issue with MSI845 mainboard

Version number 2.3
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Highpoint Technology
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