Microsoft releases new font for Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel

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Microsoft has chosen Bierstadt as the new standard font for its office software Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel. The font will now be called Aptos. The former standard font Calibri will remain available in 365 software.

The new font was necessary according to Microsoft because ‘the technology’ has changed in recent years, referring to screens with higher resolutions. That is why Microsoft announced more than two years ago that it would test five new fonts, from which a successor to the current standard font would ultimately be chosen. Since then, the font has been available for use in 365 apps. Previously, the default font since 2007 was Calibri. Before that, Times New Roman was the default font.

Aptos was created by Steve Matteson, also the designer of the Segoe font, used for Windows. In a blog explains Matteson how he designed Aptos. Microsoft says the other four fonts Grandview, Seaford, Skeena and Tenorite will remain available in the 365 apps, as well as Calibri and Times New Roman. Microsoft says it will roll out Aptos to all 365 apps and services in the coming months.

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