Driver Update: GeForce Game Ready Driver 441.87 WHQL

Nvidia has released new stable GeForce drivers. The drivers are version number 441.87 WHQL, are compatible with Windows 7 and above, and can be used on cards based on the Kepler architecture or newer. This release includes improvements for the games Wolfenstein: Youngblood, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Bright Memory: Infinite and Quake II RTX, the list of monitors that support G-Sync has been further expanded and several problems have of course been fixed. The complete release notes are below:

Game Ready for Wolfenstein: Youngblood with Ray Tracing

The new Game Ready Driver provides the latest performance optimizations, profiles, and bug fixes for the release of ray tracing and DLSS in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. In addition, this driver provides optimal support for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Bright Memory: Infinite, and the latest version of Quake II RTX.

Maximum Frame Rate

This driver introduces a new Max Frame Rate setting that allows users to cap the frame rate at which a 3D game or application is rendered. This feature is helpful when trying to save power, reduce system latency or paired with your NVIDIA G-SYNC display to stay within variable refresh rate range. Access the feature from the NVIDIA Control Panel->Manage 3D Settings->Max Frame Rate.

Variable Rate Super Sampling

Variable Rate Super Sampling (VRSS) is a new technique to improve image quality in VR games. It uses NVIDIA Variable Rate Shading (VRS), a key feature in NVIDIA’s Turing architecture, to dynamically apply up to 8x supersampling to the center of the VR headset display, where the eye is typically focused. It intelligently applies supersampling only when GPU headroom is available in order to maintain the VR headset’s fixed FPS and ensure a smooth VR experience. Enable the feature for over 20 supported VR games from the NVIDIA Control Panel->Manage 3D Settings->Variable Rate Super Sampling.

Image Sharpening Improvements

Based on feedback from gamers, we’ve been enhancing the recently released Image Sharpening feature. With this latest version, you can now toggle GPU scaling independent of whether image sharpening is enabled or disabled. Access the feature from the NVIDIA Control Panel->Manage 3D Settings->Image Sharpening

Freestyle ‘Split Screen’ Filter

Freestyle has added a new splitscreen filter that allows gamers to apply filters to only a portion of the game screen. With the filter, you can split the screen, showcase a side-by-side comparison, or even blend filters using the gradient function. With GeForce Experience installed, press the Alt+F3 hotkey to open the Freestyle overlay from within your game and access the new filter from the ‘Filters’ menu.

33 New Optimal Game Settings

NVIDIA has recently added Optimal Game Settings for 33 additional games, giving you one click setting recommendations for the latest releases. Optimal settings can be applied from GeForce Experience->Games tab.

New G-SYNC Compatible Displays

Our new driver adds support for additional G-SYNC Compatible displays – gaming monitors that deliver a baseline Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) experience that makes your gaming smoother, clearer, and more enjoyable. Read all the details in our Game Ready Driver article.

New Features and Other Changes

  • Added Max Frame Rate control to the NVIDIA Control Panel ->Manage 3D Settings page.
    Lets you set the maximum 3D game or application frame rate that the GPU will render.
  • Updated Image Sharpening controls in the NVIDIA Control Panel->Manage 3D Settings page.
    • Image Sharpening and GPU Upscaling can now be enabled separately.
    • Custom display modes are available when GPU Upscaling is enabled.
  • Added Virtual Reality – Variable Rate Super Sampling (VRSS) setting to the NVIDIA Control Panel ->Manage 3D Settings page.
    VRSS improves image quality by applying super sampling selectively on the central region of a frame. See this Game Ready Driver article for the latest list of profiled VR apps.

Fixed Issues in this Release

  • [Red Dead Redemption 2][Vulkan]: Improved image sharpening for Red Redemption 2 in Vulkan mode. [2781732]
  • [Strange Brigade – Vulkan][SLI][G-SYNC]: G-SYNC is not working properly when the Vulkan version of the game is played in SLI mode. [200439997]

Windows 7 Open Issues

  • [World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth][DirectX 12]: The game crashes when switched from DirectX 11 to DirectX 12 mode. [200574934]

Windows 10 Open Issues

  • [Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege][Vulkan][G-SYNC]: When playing the game in Vulkan mode with G-SYNC enabled, flickering occurs after switching the game between full-screen and windowed mode.[200578641] To work around, either disable G-SYNC or play using an API other than Vulkan.
  • [Doom (2016)][GeForce 600/700 series GPUs]: The game crashes. [2791124]
  • [Battleye][Low-Latency Mode]: Background apps may close when launching some BattlEye games with Low-Latency mode set to Ultra. [2775906]
  • [Wolfenstein Youngblood][SLI]: Performance drop may occur when using 2-way SLI mode. [2599248].
  • [Red Dead Redemption 2][Vulkan][SLI]: The benchmark crashes when played in Vulkan mode with SLI enabled and graphics settings set to Ultra. [200565367]

Version number 441.87 WHQL
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website nVidia
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License type Freeware