Driver Update: ATi Drivers 6243

New drivers have been leaked from ATi, the version number they carry is This sounds nice, but there are a few snags to the download: first of all, the version number for the package is higher, but the driver versions seem to be lower than with the latest Catalyst. As a second issue, the unmodified download only has support for the Mobility series. Happy they are with you not so easy to catch and there are modified .INF files available that also support the other maps. This is what the creator writes:

has all the files, copy everything from the zip file into the extracted folder. Has support for everything, including M6/M7/M9/7000 series/8000 series/9000 series (including 9100/9500/9700))[break]If you want to try out how much performance gain can be achieved despite the disadvantages associated with these drivers, then you should follow the following step-by-step plan:

  • Download the leaked drivers from Techconnect (14.49MB)
  • Download Cyborg’s custom drivers: here.
  • Replace the .INF files in the first download with the files in the second download.
  • Install
  • voila

Don’t expect ATi support with these drivers.

Version number 6243
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Warp2Search
License type Freeware