DPReview: website content remains available as an archive

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Scott Everett, DPReview’s general manager, has provided an update on the imminent closure of the camera website. The man writes that the content of DPReview will remain available as an archive and that the site will remain online a little longer.

We have received a lot of questions about the future of our website in an update. “We understand your concerns about the loss of content on DPReview and now want to assure you that this content will remain available as an archive,” said the man. “We’ve also heard that you need more time to reach the website, so we’re going to post a few more articles. In the meantime, we are working on the archive.” When this archive will be available is not stated.

At the end of March it was announced that camera website DPReview will close its doors. The website would remain in the air until Monday, April 10. General manager Everett then also announced that the site would no longer receive updates and would remain available in a read-only mode for a ‘limited period’. In the original announcement it was read that the DPReview would then disappear permanently. DPReview is a large, English-language camera website that includes news, reviews and an extensive forum. The website appeared in 1998 and has been owned by the American company Amazon since 2007.

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