Download Spotify music to your Apple Watch and listen offline

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Are you going for a run or a walk? Chances are that you prefer to do that with music or a podcast. As a Spotify listener, you always had to have your iPhone at hand. But now you can also listen to music on your Apple Watch offline. So leave that iPhone at home on your next round.

Spotify Apple Watch Offline: Download Music

To listen to Spotify on your Apple Watch offline, you need a premium subscription to Spotify. The download works as follows:

  • Open Spotify on your iPhone.
  • Find an album, playlist, or podcast you like.
  • Tap the three dots below the image.
  • Tap “Download to Apple Watch.”

The music will now be downloaded to your watch. You can watch the progress here:

  • Open Spotify on your Apple Watch.
  • Swipe to the leftmost screen.
  • Tap Downloads

Tip: don’t download two minutes before you want to start exercising, because it takes quite some time.

Listen to Spotify Apple Watch

To listen to Spotify via your Apple Watch, you need bluetooth earphones or headphones, such as the AirPods. You can leave your iPhone at home. On Apple Watch, go to your downloads, pair your music, and start listening.

Delete music from Apple Watch

Do you want to remove the music from your Apple Watch again? This is easiest via the Apple Watch itself.

  • Open Spotify on your Watch.
  • Swipe to the leftmost screen.
  • Tap Downloads
  • Tap the minus for the playlist you want to delete
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