Download links for first versions Edge for macOS are already active

Microsoft hasn’t officially released its Chromium-based Edge browser for macOS yet, but the download links have already been discovered. Interested parties can therefore immediately get started with a Canary and Dev build of the browser.

Microsoft already made it clear at its Build conference that the very first macOS release would be imminent, but there was no concrete date yet. Twitter user WalkingCat tweeted the two left Tuesday. These are links from Microsoft servers, which means that despite the lack of an official message from Microsoft, it can be assumed that the downloads are legitimate and safe.

These initial builds show that Microsoft has tweaked the browser’s layout to make it feel more like a macOS application. In addition, the browser also supports Apple’s own keyboard shortcuts and there is Touch Bar support. The tabs have rounder edges in this version, a design change that should eventually come to the Windows version.

Microsoft announced that Edge will also receive Collections in the future, a kind of storage place for text and images that are stored. These can be exported as a Word or Excel document. Word produces a neatly formatted document, including footnotes about the name and online location of the pasted web content.