DoubleTake app to film with two iPhone cameras simultaneously is available

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FiLMiC has released its iOS app DoubleTake. The app makes it possible to film with two cameras on one iPhone at the same time. Apple demonstrated the app at the announcement of the iPhone 11.

DoubleTake is free to download and works on iPhone XR, XS models, and all iPhone 11 versions. The app can be used to film with up to two cameras at the same time. It is possible to film simultaneously with the front camera and a rear camera, or simultaneously with two cameras of your choice at the back. It is not possible to have more than two cameras record at the same time.

When using multiple cameras, the maximum resolution is 1080p and you can choose from a frame rate of 24, 25 or 30 fps. The images can be viewed side by side and saved, or picture-in-picture.

The app works on all devices with iOS 13, but only the iPhone models mentioned support recording with multiple cameras at the same time. On older iPhones, the app will only capture the image from a single camera.

Apple already demonstrated the functionality when the iPhone 11 models were announced in September last year. Apple itself has not built in its camera software options to film with multiple cameras at the same time. In the demonstration, Apple used an early version of the DoubleTake app.

Update 20:07: It is not possible to film with more than two cameras at the same time. The text has been adapted accordingly.

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