Disney’s new app entertains children in the queue for the attractions

Queues and children are not a golden combination. What happens if you put a child in a queue of at least one hour for an attraction in Disneyland ? Much, except peace and patience. Disneyland now comes with an app that entertains children in the queue for attractions.

Disneyland app

Disney launches the Play Disney Parks app, with all kinds of Disney games and songs. This should make the 75-minute row for the Space Mountain for children easier. The free app can be used anywhere, but some games in the app can only be played in a Disney park.

A number of attractions in Disneyland have their own game in the app, including Toy Story Mania, Peter Pan’s Flight and Space Mountain. Users can also earn and collect things, get rewards in games and take on challenges. The app will get more and more functions in the course of time. With Apple Music, users can listen to a playlist with authentic audio of attractions and Disney characters.

Parents will find the app a good idea, since they will experience more peace in the queue themselves. Yet such a queue can also be good for children, because they learn to entertain themselves. Does not it simply mean to shuffle in front of you with a nagging child hanging on your leg? The longer the queue, the more fun the experience of the attraction. That’s the way it is.

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