Disney Reorganizes Company to Focus on Streaming

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Disney has announced a major reorganization. The company wants to focus strongly on streaming and offering films directly to consumers. European cinemas are not happy that the film Soul from Disney’s Pixar will be released directly on Disney +.

In the new format, Disney will consist of three business units, Studios, General Entertainment and Sports. The three divisions in the new structure are responsible for providing movies and series for cinemas, linear distribution, such as television, and streaming, and the primary focus will be on the streaming services such as Disney +, Hulu, ESPN + and the upcoming Star service. That makes Disney known.

The reorganization will be implemented immediately and, according to the company, is in line with the existing strategy of targeting consumers directly. The new company structure should accelerate this course. According to Disney, the changes are further prompted by the success of Disney +.

The reorganization cannot be separated from the consequences of the corona pandemic. For example, it already made the film Mulan available directly via Disney + ‘s Premier Access upon release, at an additional cost. The Pixar film Soul will also be released directly on Disney +. European cinemas are ‘shocked’ by this decision. Bypassing cinemas on releases will only take longer for the industry to get out of the crisis, according to the International Union of Cinemas. “It is no exaggeration to say that by the time some studios decide that the time has come to premiere their films, it may be too late for many European cinemas.”

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